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Mar 11, 2015 · What I learned from a male sex surrogate S., my surrogate, was selected for me out of a group of male surrogates in the clinic’s team.

Training surrogate partners and sex therapists. Male Sexuality Revisited; International Professional Surrogates Association.

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Roger Tolle provides surrogate partner therapy for gay men. This is an adjunct modality in the field of Sex Therapy in which a professional surrogate partner is

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What is Surrogate Partner Therapy? Some common sexual concerns for male clients involve dissatisfaction with orgasm, Sex Therapy, Sex Surrogate, Sexual

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Male Surrogates is an organization of intimacy and sex educators who facilitate the client’s journey to personal empowerment and enrichment.

Once known as sex surrogates, surrogate partners help clients to overcome the emotional blocks that result in sexual dysfunction and fear of intimacy. Using

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What It’s Like Being a Male Sex Surrogate Helping Women Get The relationship between male surrogates and female clients is invariably different from the one

Male Surrogates is an organization of intimacy and sex educators This page answers questions often asked about surrogates and provides information about surrogates.

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My 30 years of work as a Certified Sex Surrogate has evolved from my own personal journey of discovery through a joyful expansion of my sexuality.

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Sexual surrogates, sometimes called surrogate partners, are hired by individuals experiencing sexual dysfunction to provide direct sexual activity, with the goal of

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